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SMILE eye surgery is another laser procedure that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Primary Eye Care Associates is currently Illinois' only eye care clinic to offer this technologically advanced procedure. Dr. Steven Chander may recommend this procedure for patients suffering from dry eyes, as it has a lower risk of post-operative dryness than LASIK and PRK.

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1 00:00:13.360 --> 00:00:15.640 Along the lines of different types of laser. 2 00:00:15.670 --> 00:00:18.600 There is another laser now called Smile, 3 00:00:18.630 --> 00:00:22.460 which is an acronym for Small Incision Laser. 4 00:00:22.490 --> 00:00:24.620 And this is a procedure in which, 5 00:00:24.650 --> 00:00:28.300 rather than creating a 12 millimeter incision into the cornea, 6 00:00:28.330 --> 00:00:32.100 about a 1.8 millimeter incision is made into the cornea. 7 00:00:32.130 --> 00:00:37.200 And this procedure differs from PRK and LASIK in terms of the fact that there 8 00:00:37.230 --> 00:00:41.060 isn't a flap that could potentially get dislodged. 9 00:00:41.090 --> 00:00:44.320 It also helps patients who have dryness of their eyes. 10 00:00:44.350 --> 00:00:49.220 There's less issues with post-operative dryness when we use the Smile technique. 11 00:00:49.250 --> 00:00:52.260 We also provide the latest in terms of the technology 12 00:00:52.460 --> 00:00:55.280 where the only clinic in the state of Illinois at this time 13 00:00:55.310 --> 00:00:58.240 to offer a Smile procedure for laser eye surgery.

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