IntraLase LASIK


IntraLase LASIK is the most precise way to create a corneal flap and the first step of LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Chander uses computer-assisted technology during this procedure. While most patients make good IntraLase LASIK candidates, Dr. Chander will examine your corneal thickness to determine your candidacy during your consultation.

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1 00:00:13.360 --> 00:00:18.183 LASIK is an acronym for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, 2 00:00:18.260 --> 00:00:21.240 and it involves creating a flap of tissue in the cornea. 3 00:00:21.260 --> 00:00:24.683 Interlace simply creates the flap using a laser. 4 00:00:25.130 --> 00:00:26.640 It is the most accurate, 5 00:00:26.670 --> 00:00:32.150 and we get a very even computer-assisted thickness for the most perfect flap. 6 00:00:32.208 --> 00:00:35.580 Almost every patient is a good candidate for interlace. 7 00:00:35.992 --> 00:00:40.633 In fact, that's pretty much the only way we perform the procedure now at this time. 8 00:00:40.667 --> 00:00:44.017 The only times that patients would not be a candidate for interlace 9 00:00:44.108 --> 00:00:46.580 would be based on the patient's corneal thickness. 10 00:00:47.033 --> 00:00:51.117 It's very important when we are doing a pre-operative evaluation. 11 00:00:51.450 --> 00:00:54.792 The first thing I look at is the patient's corneal thickness, 12 00:00:54.992 --> 00:00:57.042 and then I'll look at their prescription. 13 00:00:57.050 --> 00:01:00.175 That's how important it is to check the integrity of the cornea 14 00:01:00.208 --> 00:01:03.620 for any patient undergoing any type of refractive surgery. 15 00:01:03.650 --> 00:01:07.665 Patients expectations can be a little bit of a faster surgery 16 00:01:07.865 --> 00:01:12.583 and significantly more accurate, again, in the flap thickness.

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