An intraocular lens (IOL) helps restore the vision of cataract patients. During your cataract surgery, Dr. Steven Chander can take measurements to determine the best IOL for you. We offer self-focusing, single-vision, and monofocal IOLs to help patients reduce or eliminate their need for corrective lenses following cataract surgery.

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1 00:00:13.286 --> 00:00:16.856 Intraocular lenses are the clean window. 2 00:00:16.857 --> 00:00:19.813 If you think about a window that's getting dirtier and dirtier, 3 00:00:19.814 --> 00:00:22.685 it's harder to focus through that particular window. 4 00:00:22.686 --> 00:00:25.643 What happens when a cataract, the dirty window, comes out, 5 00:00:25.743 --> 00:00:27.314 the clean window gets in. 6 00:00:27.315 --> 00:00:31.013 Intraocular lenses can be monofocal or single vision. 7 00:00:31.014 --> 00:00:33.985 This allows patients to see very clearly at a distance 8 00:00:33.986 --> 00:00:35.914 without the use of eyeglasses. 9 00:00:36.129 --> 00:00:38.899 There are also what we call premium 10 00:00:38.900 --> 00:00:42.642 or self-focusing intraocular lens implants or IOLs, 11 00:00:42.643 --> 00:00:45.285 and this facilitates the clarity of vision 12 00:00:45.286 --> 00:00:50.056 for computer screen up close and distance all at one time. 13 00:00:50.057 --> 00:00:53.013 While on the operating table, we're able to make measurements 14 00:00:53.014 --> 00:00:57.171 to get the very best intraocular lens implant for our patients.

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