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Dr. Chander helped Christine treat her dry eyes through specialty contact lenses. He takes the time to evaluate your eyes and symptoms to recommend the best contacts for you. Thanks to the help of Dr. Chander and his recommended contact lenses, Christine can live free of the irritating symptoms of dry eyes.

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1 00:00:13.243 --> 00:00:16.114 I don't really have a lot of problem with seeing so much, 2 00:00:16.115 --> 00:00:18.170 but I have extreme dry eyes. 3 00:00:18.171 --> 00:00:19.086 I investigated. 4 00:00:19.087 --> 00:00:23.657 I came as a patient to Dr. Chander, and he questioned me about my eyes. 5 00:00:23.658 --> 00:00:26.985 He did different types testing to see how dry my eye was, 6 00:00:26.986 --> 00:00:30.285 and then he proceeded to explain the solutions that would help me. 7 00:00:30.286 --> 00:00:34.070 I've done a LipiFlow, I've done different contexts, 8 00:00:34.071 --> 00:00:38.413 but the best context that helped me the most, the [inaudible 00:00:38], 9 00:00:38.414 --> 00:00:42.057 the specialty context that I truly have moisture in my eye. 10 00:00:42.058 --> 00:00:44.085 It was the best thing I did for my eyes. 11 00:00:44.086 --> 00:00:46.843 I always said I have absolute confidence in Dr. Chander 12 00:00:46.844 --> 00:00:49.914 and how he helps people with the vision, 13 00:00:50.129 --> 00:00:53.071 whatever possibility he can, to get the best vision 14 00:00:53.072 --> 00:00:55.529 and best help for people, easier to help them, 15 00:00:55.530 --> 00:00:58.929 and if he can't help them, he refers them out to other doctors. 16 00:00:59.186 --> 00:01:02.671 As far as contact lens and how they evaluate your eyes 17 00:01:02.672 --> 00:01:04.229 and fit them properly, 18 00:01:04.400 --> 00:01:07.929 I would highly, absolutely recommend, hands down, Dr. Chander.

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