PRK is a form of laser eye surgery that does not involve a corneal flap, making it a good solution for many who are not good LASIK candidates due to thin corneas. Similarly to LASIK, PRK can enhance your vision and eliminate the need for corrective lenses. If you're considering laser eye surgery, Dr. Steven Chander can review your candidacy to determine if PRK is the best treatment.

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1 00:00:13.800 --> 00:00:16.360 PRK is photorefractive keratectomy. 2 00:00:16.380 --> 00:00:21.300 Laser eye surgery involves using a laser to remove 3 00:00:21.586 --> 00:00:25.414 certain elements of the tissue of the front part of the eye, the cornea, 4 00:00:25.600 --> 00:00:28.780 and we're essentially reshaping the cornea to bend light 5 00:00:28.810 --> 00:00:31.614 to properly focus on the back section of the eye. 6 00:00:31.790 --> 00:00:35.340 With PRK, we apply the laser directly to the cornea, 7 00:00:35.729 --> 00:00:38.520 and as a result, you're blinking over that raw surface, 8 00:00:38.550 --> 00:00:41.760 we put a bandage contact lens on the eye to protect the eyes. 9 00:00:41.790 --> 00:00:45.900 It takes about a week to three weeks to completely heal with PRK. 10 00:00:45.930 --> 00:00:47.860 If the patient's requirement 11 00:00:47.890 --> 00:00:51.413 is to maintain a certain thickness of their cornea, 12 00:00:51.414 --> 00:00:56.343 a lot of the times, we will refer to PRK or photorefractive keratectomy.

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