How Long Do LASIK Results Last? By Dr. Steven Chander on July 26, 2019

Hiking in the hills on a summer dayCountless people have come to our Chicago, IL practice and undergone LASIK. Thanks to LASIK, these Primary Eye Care Associates patients have eliminated their need for prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Before undergoing any laser eye surgery procedure, many people ask their surgeon how long the results will last. Can they expect 10 years of great vision? Maybe 20 years? Even LASIK results that last a lifetime? The answer is a bit more complicated than giving a fixed amount of time. Dr. Steven Chander explores the issues and explains the duration of LASIK outcomes.

The Basics of LASIK

Let’s go over the way LASIK works so you have a better idea of how results are achieved and why they are subject to changes over time.

During LASIK, a computer-guided laser is used to safely and precisely reshape the cornea. This alters the way that light passes through your eyes. In doing so, a LASIK surgeon is able to address refractive errors associated with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

Will the Results of LASIK Last Forever?

Technically the results of LASIK last forever in that the shape of the cornea is permanently changed. The reshaping of the cornea affects your vision for the rest of your life. Thanks to LASIK, your vision prescription will be permanently altered.

But as we noted above, the answer to this is a bit complicated.

A better question to ask here is if the vision enhancement from LASIK will last forever. The answer here is no given the different parts of the eye. Over time, the eye goes through a number of changes that can affect the quality of your vision. These will not affect the results of the LASIK procedure, but they can lead to blurry vision and other issues.

Many Years of Great Vision Depending on Your Age

After undergoing LASIK at our Chicago vision correction center, patients will experience many years of excellent vision. They will no longer need glasses or contacts in order to see clearly, which mens freedom from clunky lenses and cleaning solutions.

Touch-Up LASIK If Necessary

A very small number of LASIK patients may experience some amount of vision regresses after they’ve undergone LASIK. This means that their vision gets slightly worse due to refractive issues. In these rare cases, touch-up LASIK enhancements can be performed as needed in order to improve vision quality.

Your Vision and the Natural Aging Process

As we alluded to above, there are conditions that affect the eyesight that have nothing to do with the corneas or the benefits of a previous LASIK surgery. These issues include cataracts and presbyopia. Both of these conditions are associated with the natural aging process, and they affect the lens of the eye rather than the corneas. Other age-related vision problems may develop as well, affecting the retinas, the optic nerves, and so forth.

We can discuss treatment options for various age-related vision problems in greater detail during a consultation at our eye center.

Making LASIK Last as Long as Possible

The best way to make your LASIK results last as long as possible is to visit a skilled laser eye surgeon in your area. They can use their state-of-the-art technology to tailor the procedure to the needs of your corneas. Regular eye exams combined with a healthy lifestyle and wearing sunglasses with UV protection can translate into great vision health and quality for decades.

Learn More About Laser Vision Correction

If you would like more information about LASIK and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact a skilled laser eye surgeon. Primary Eye Care Associates can be reached by phone in Chicago at (773) 735-6090.

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