How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape and Skin Tone By Dr. Steven Chander on February 25, 2019

Smiling patient tries on new glasses in retail storeIt is often said that eyes are the window to the soul. Glasses frame that window, providing both aesthetic benefits and improved vision.

At Primary Eye Care Associates in Chicago, IL, we have all types of glasses to complement your lifestyle and eye care needs. Whether you are looking for trendy eyewear or traditional frames, we provide tips to help you find the right glasses for your needs and style.

Your Face Shape

Before you begin looking through our wide selection of glasses, it is important to understand the factors that determine which glasses will complement your unique features.

The shape of your face (round, oval, square, or heart-shaped) is the most significant factor to consider.

  • Oval face: Consider frames that are geometric and wider than the broadest part of the face. Avoid rimless or round frames that can make your face look even rounder.
  • Round face: Avoid rimless or rounded frames that can over-accentuate the roundness of your face. Look for frames that are square or rectangular and wider than the outer edges of your face.  
  • Diamond face: The defining features of a diamond face are an angular chin and narrow forehead. People with these facial features should avoid boxy or narrow frames that could highlight the width of your cheeks.
  • Square face: Oval or round glasses soften the angularity of individuals with square faces.
  • Base-down Triangle: This face shape is defined by a narrow forehead and wide cheek and chin area. Individuals with this face shape should consider glasses that are accented on the top of the frame.

Your Skin Tone

Skin tone should also influence your decision when choosing your frames.

Individuals with warm skin tones (gold, bronze) should stay away from pastels. Consider colors such as honey, beige, and olive green.

If you have pink skin tones, try silver, black, pink, purple, or blue frames.

Eye and hair color also fit within the warm to cool color range and should be considered as determining factors.

Other Factors to Consider

Of course, we are more than our skin color and face shape. Personality and lifestyle play an important role when choosing eyeglasses.

Glasses say a lot about a person’s personality. Retro, horn-rimmed glasses might highlight your artsy side, for example. Some people prefer to stick to their favorite color when choosing glasses. Your glasses are often an outward reflection of your inner personality.

Lifestyle matters too. Are you an active outdoor type? There are weight factors to consider then. Online gamers may prefer glasses that enhance that experience. If you work in a conservative office, bright, bedazzled frames may not be a good fit.

Cost is another important consideration. That is why all our glasses are competitively priced, and we offer a wide range of brands that meet your budget.

Visit Today to Try Out New Styles

Our eyewear specialist will walk you through all the factors that go into choosing the perfect pair of glasses. We sell name brand products, including Gucci, Ray Ban, Coach, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. All our glasses are competitively priced.

To set up an appointment to view our products, contact us online or call (773) 735-6090.

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