Put Family Time Back On The Menu By Dr. Steven Chander on February 23, 2018

When’s the last time your family sat around the table and actually shared a full meal together? Everyone present, no phones or mad rushes to eat and run out the door to catch the school bus. For most of us, the last time our family gathered for this kind of meal was likely back in November for Thanksgiving. This is a shame, because regular family dinners are incredibly important! It’s a time to bond with your loved ones, and this can have a positive impact on your kids’ lives.

Let’s clear off the dining table and learn how we can bring the family back together for at least one meal a day.

7 Reasons Why Family Meals Matter

Family meals are more than just a time to eat; they’re a moment to bond with your loved ones. These opportunities are so important, because eating together can honestly impact the development of your children and your connection as a family. From improved mental health to higher grades, here are a few reasons why family meals are so important.

5 Ways To Bring Back Family Dinners

Most families don’t eat together often because of one reason: Time. Between work, school, extracurriculars, and social obligations, setting aside two hours to cook and sit still to eat is nearly impossible. Fortunately, your family doesn’t have to choose between bonding over meals and maintaining an active lifestyle. With these simple strategies, you can make family meals a priority without rewriting your whole schedule.

Ways To Maximize Family Time — Because It Matters!

Meal times aren’t the only occasion to create a meaningful connection with your family. No matter how busy our schedules seem, there are opportunities to spend a little more time with our loved ones. Check out these tips from Parents magazine and learn how easy it can be to make family time a priority again.

Take A Break: Best Dad Jokes To Break Out At The Dinner Table

It shouldn’t take a trip to Disney World to create lasting family memories. Laughing together over dinner can be just as rewarding. Fortunately, we have some of the best dad jokes the internet can provide. These gems are sure to make your kids roll their eyes — in the best possible way!

Enjoy your Weekend!

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