The Causes of Corneal Injuries: Protecting Your Eyes By Dr. Steven Chander on December 21, 2017

A person's eyeThe corneas are the transparent, front portion of your eyes. If the cornea becomes injured in any way, this can have a negative impact on your vision and your overall eye health. The injury may be referred to a corneal abrasion or a scratched cornea, though the harm can take many different forms.

The team at Primary Eye Care Associates takes all kinds of eye injuries very seriously. We've helped numerous people in and around Chicago with emergency eye care needs. Right now, we'd like to go over some of the common causes of cornea injuries and then offer some advice on protecting your eyes from harm.

Physical Trauma

Any sort of blow to the eye area can result in an injury to the eye itself. People who are involved in fights, auto accidents, falls, or are struck by thrown or falling objects run a risk of a corneal abrasion among many other kinds of eye injuries.

Sports Injuries

People in contact sports and combat sports are at risk for many kinds of bodily injuries. It should come as no surprise, then, that athletes and weekend warriors may experience a corneal injury if they suffer a blow to the face. Even non-combat sports such as basketball and soccer can lead to corneal abrasions as a result of accidental and incidental contact.

Foreign Objects in the Eye

A splinter, some dust, a little dirt, or an irritating chemical can cause pain and discomfort to your eyes. If that foreign object is not dislodged by tears, flushed out with water, or removed by a professional, it can lead to damage to your cornea over time.

Contacts That Don't Fit

When contacts don't fit right, you might feel uncomfortable with them on. The thing is, if you continually wear ill-fitting contacts, this can cause corneal damage. Be sure to discuss issues with contact lens comfort with your eye doctor.

Frequent Rubbing of the Eyes

Rubbing your eyes a little can help relieve itchiness or irritation. Rubbing your eyes too much, however, is bad for you. Over time, frequent rubbing of the eyes can potentially result in a corneal abrasion.

Medical Conditions

Various kinds of eye infections and medical conditions can affect the various parts of the eyes. One of the consequences may be corneal abrasions and other kinds of corneal damage.

How to Protect Your Eyes

The best way to protect your eyes from corneal injuries is to exercise common sense. Be sure to wear eye protection such as goggles or protective glasses whenever you engage in activities that could result in harm to the eyes. Additionally, be sure to wear the right face and eye protection during any activities that could result in facial or cranial injuries.

Simple safety measures like this can make a world of difference.

When to Seek Medical Help

If you believe you have suffered a corneal injury, it's important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Early treatment can prevent further vision loss.

Here are some symptoms and warning signs of corneal injuries:

  • Eye soreness or pain, particularly when closing or opening the eye
  • Feeling that there's a foreign object in the eye
  • Frequent or excessive tearing
  • The eye looks red, pink, or irritated
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision or vision loss
  • Headaches

Learn More About Vision Care

For more information about protecting your vision and preserving your eyesight for the years ahead, be sure to contact an experienced eye care specialist today. The team at Primary Eye Care Associates is here to help you experience healthy vision.

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