Treating Blepharitis with OCuSOFT® HypoChlor® By Dr. Steven Chander on July 23, 2017

Treating Blepharitis with OCuSOFT® HypoChlor®

Every Wonder Why Your Dry, Scratchy, Red, Irritated Eyes  Just Can't Seem To Get Relief?

Eyelid health is a very important aspect of overall eye health. If not maintained properly, suboptimal conditions in the eyelid can lead to serious infections and other diseases. Painful eyelid bumps or lums (styes), scratchy dry irritated eyes, contact lens intolerance and more are common symptoms of Blepharitis.  Luckily, these infections can be treated with OcuSOFT® HypoChlor®.

Anterior Blepharitis

The outer eyelids can be subjected to an infection called anterior blepharitis. Anterior blepharitis occurs when the eyelid over-produces oils essential to the function of the eyelids: to protect and nourish the eyes. When there is an unnatural abundance of these oils, it causes an ideal environment for bacteria to reproduce, leading to the formation of a toxic biofilm on the eyelids and lashes.

The body has a natural defense mechanism against infections like anterior blepharitis. White blood cells, a crucial part of the immune system, produce a chemical called hypochlorous acid when the body detects an infection. However, when an infection is severe, the chemicals produced by the immune system aren’t enough to clear the infection. OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® gives you an extra boost!

What is OcuSOFT HypoChlor®?

OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® (0.02% Hypochlorous acid) works with a type of scrub called a surfactant that removes existing oils from the eyelids (such as OcuSOFT® Lid Scrub®). When discomfort is severe, OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® can be an effective addition to your eyelid hygiene regimen.

OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® is available in two formulations: as a solution or as a gel. Both come in a convenient spray pump. OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® Gel provides further soothing relief for an even faster recovery.

With zero eye irritation, a mild fast-acting formula for daily use, and over-the-counter savings compared to prescription costs, OcuSOFT® HypoChlor® could be just what you need to treat your diagnosis.  Red, Scratchy, Irritated dry eyes can be easily

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