SynergEyes® Hybrid Contact Lenses - Visual Clarity and All-day Comfort By Dr. Steven Chander on June 22, 2017

Contact lensThere are a lot of choices when it comes to treating vision impairment. Laser vision surgery has seen a big surge in popularity, but many patients are not interested in undergoing surgical treatment, or simply aren’t ideal candidates for surgery. For these patients, contact lenses offer effective vision treatment combined with convenience and discreetness.

One of the latest innovations in contact lenses is hybrid lenses. Dr. Steven Chander is happy to offer SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses to his Chicago, IL patients. These lenses offer superior vision treatment, combined with flexibility and comfort. For patients looking for the best of both soft and hard contact lenses, these may be the ideal solution.

What Are Hybrid Contact Lenses?

SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses take the best features of soft and hard contact lens and combine them to create an effective and comfortable hybrid contact lens. The center of a hybrid contact lens is composed of a breathable, rigid material. This rigid area is the part of the lens that directly treats vision. The rigid lens allows for the most precise vision correction and optimal visual clarity. Surrounding this rigid center is an outer ring of silicone hydrogel material. This soft, flexible material provides long-lasting comfort, and is especially beneficial to patients with irregular corneas.

Benefits of Hybrid Contact Lenses

The SynergEyes® hybrid contact lens design offers patients a number of unique benefits. The most notable advantages of a hybrid lens include:

  • The dual material design allows oxygen to flow to the eye
  • The rigid center lens provides superior crispness and clarity
  • The soft, outer material keeps the lens centered over the eye so that the lens stays in place, and debris stays out of the eye
  • The flexible, hydrogel material allows the contact lens to be worn comfortably throughout the day
  • UV blocker to provide the eyes with sun protection

Candidates for Hybrid Contact Lenses

SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses can be used to treat a number of visual imperfections, including astigmatism and presbyopia. The hybrid lens is especially well suited to patients with keratoconus, or those patients who are in need of visual support while they are recovering from eye surgery. Patients who are interested in the SynergEyes® hybrid contact lens should meet with Dr. Chander to find out if they are ideal candidates for this type of lens.

Caring for Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses should be cared for just like regular soft contact lenses. It is important to clean the lenses with a daily cleaner at the end of each day before storing them overnight. If disinfection is needed, we recommend a chemical-based disinfection system, rather than one that uses heat. Finally, when wearing SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses, discomfort can occur if they begin to dry out. If the lenses become uncomfortable, the patient should remove them and use rewetting drops that have been approved for soft lenses.

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Dr. Steven Chander offers a number of vision impairment treatments that can restore clear vision to improve a patient’s quality of life. If you have questions about hybrid contact lenses, or would like to learn more about our other vision treatment options, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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