Tips for Reducing Post-Op LASIK Infection Risk By Dr. Steven Chander on February 18, 2016

A woman's eye up closeThe team at Primary Eye Care Associates has helped countless people in and around the greater Chicago area achieve excellent vision. We offer state-of-the-art LASIK surgery to enhance vision, helping address refractive errors, which you may know better by the following names: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. This means that patients can see clearly without the aid of corrective lenses.

During LASIK surgery, a small flap is created on the topmost layer of the cornea, which is known as the epithelium. By lifting this flap and using a safe surgical laser, a surgeon is able to improve the overall curvature of the cornea and improve the passage of light through the eyes.

Is Infection Likely During or After LASIK?

Thankfully the answer is no. Modern surgical techniques and technology have made LASIK even safer than ever before. Infection risk is quite low, though there is a small chance that it may occur as is the case with all surgeries.

With this in mind, it's of the utmost importance that patients follow all instructions for pre-op and post-op care to the letter. This will ensure optimal condition for healing free from any potential complications.

Wear Your LASIK Goggles as Directed

In the early days of recovery, it's important that the eyes be protected from incidental contact, rubbing, or particulate matter in the air as these can lead to infection as well as other complications. That's why patients are given eye shields/goggles to wear as they are recovering from surgery. These eye shields will prevent rubbing of the eyes as well as stray matter from getting into the eyes.

Do Not Use Tobacco Products While Recovering

Smoking and smokeless tobacco can both have a negative impact on your healing and wellness, making you more susceptible to infection. Be sure to avoid both before surgery and as you are healing.

Avoid Smoky, Dusty, and Windy Environments

Smoky, dusty, and windy environments don't just increase the risk of dry eye attacks. These types of places also increase the risk of infection. Keep that in mind wherever you are as you are recovering.

Avoid Touching or Rubbing Your Eyes

The LASIK goggles will help prevent you from touching or rubbing your eyes, but it's important that you continue to avoid this sort of action even after you've been stopped wearing LASIK goggles for another few days or so just to err on the safe side.

Do Not Go to Pools or Saunas Until Told Otherwise

Pools and saunas are repositories for bacteria, which means that anyone recovering from surgery may potentially develop and infection at these places. Follow your surgeon's orders and stay away from these locations until advised otherwise.

Use Your Medicated and Lubricating Eye Drops as Directed

LASIK patients are given both medicated eye drops and lubricating eye drops in order to address potential dry eye attacks as well as to prevent infection. Use these drops as directed to ensure a problem-free recovery.

Attend All Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

Multiple follow-up visits are part of the recovery process, helping ensure that you heal properly. Attend all of these as scheduled to ensure you get the attention and monitoring you require.

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