Don’t Sing the Blues over Blue Light Hazzard Anymore! By Dr. Steven Chander on January 21, 2016

Don’t Sing the Blues over blue Light Hazard Anymore!

Today we’ll clear the information on Blue-violet radiation emitted from your smart phones, and other devices such as computer screens, tablets, PC's, and TV’s.

Just as all cholesterol is not bad for you, all blue light is not harmful to the eyes either. Some blue light, is in fact healthy for us. 


The Blue Light Basics

 High energy light, or blue-violet light can be the cause of Macular degeneration - a disease we are not starting to see in  patients as young as in their 30’s. 

Blue light come from TV’s and digital screens such as smart phones, tablets, computers.  Because of it’s high energy, it tricks the body’s circadian rhythms and disrupts sleeping patterns and habits.

We now have created coatings that are electronically applied to the prescription lenses that eliminates our eyes exposure to these harmful blue-violet rays.  There is a mild flash of blue or purple that others may see when you wear these otherwise very clear lenses.  Stop by Primary Eye Care Associates for  demonstration of these ‘digital’ lenses.

Blue light at the turquoise end of the Blue high energy spectrum is actually therapeutic helping us to regular the sleep cycles and wakefulness.

Don’t throw out the Baby with the bathwater!

So blue light protection must be calculated to block all the “bad “blue light and allow the ‘good’ blue light to continue to travel into the eye.

RECHARGE by HOYA Vision is the solution to the Digital World Problem!

·         Blocks harmful Blue Light waves

·         Lessens eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and blurred vision on high out put devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers and video games/TV’s

·         Improves Sleeping patterns

·         Eliminates reflections, repels dirt and dust, and provides superior scratch resistance.

Ask about Digital High Definition Vision Lenses From Primary Eye Care Associates in Chicago Today!  Call 773-735-6090 and speak to any of our certified frame and lens stylists say “I want High-Def-Vision-Please!”






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