Suggested Toy List for the Holidays By Dr. Steven Chander on December 17, 2015

Suggested Toy List for the Holidays by Dr. Chander

While my list below may not include the latest app for our kids phones, and are not “Star Wars” related. Here are a few toys that are not only safe, but they help to develop visual skills that enhance comprehension in reading and learning!


Let’s start with infants to 2 years old…

·         Smart toss  this game promotes gross motor moves and hand eye coordination.








Superstar Stacker, another great hand-eye coordination with color perception with stimulus and fine motor development attributes for our toddlers.







Little Champs Sport Center

My personal favorite!  Great colors and excellent development for coordination and eye movement. Future Basketball skills developed here too.





Ages 3 to 5 Years….

“Eye” spy Ready to Read Game (I spy ready to read game)

·         This is great for visual memory development.  Learn with picture and word association and colors and rhymes.










       Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination is fully integrated with the skill of creating objects and shapes with brilliant colors.  Plus, you can build a model of the eye with this toy!







Bowling Friends

        Soft plastic, light and easy to lift

        Nurture early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive and social






Wooden shape sorting clock

       Great way to teach time, hand eye coordination, and color.





Leap Frog Scribble and Write Tablet

      Provides hand writing and number learning

      Good hand-eye coordination



Now, for our 6 to 8 year olds!


 Perfection Game

      Parents, do you remember this one? Motor skills are very well developed with this game and works on hand eye coordination. 

      Lots of fun as well! 




  ThinkFun S’Match

·         Memory Game

·         Find matching pairs by color, number or category

·         Includes fun game spinner

·         Every player gets to spin

·         Pictures and words for pre-readers



Magnetic building set

  Excellent hand eye coordination and agility building.

Kids can be very creative by creating geometrical shapes and color matching. 







       SET-the Family Game of Visual Perception

       Winner of over 35 Best Game awards

 Great family game, kids can compete with adults

       Easy to learn and unlimited replay value

 Classic fast-paced game with no turns and no luck






Suggested Holiday Toy List for the 9 to 14 year old kids


Loopz game

·         This game combines action with music memory and motion.

·         Can be played alone or with another person head to head.

                                                                                                                         ·         Great reflex training, visual memory training and lots of fun!


                                                                      Jazzminton Paddle

·         easy and safe to play indoors or outdoors

·         Very good hand-eye coordination game

·         Can be played at any skill level






Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

     Four levels of play, beginner to expert

     Forty mind challenge cards with solutions







I hope this helps you with your gift shopping this year. Wishing you and your families a Happy Holiday and a healthy New Year!!

-Dr. Chander 













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