Eye Strain Sufferer’s Read This! By Dr. Steven Chander on November 03, 2015

Eye Strain is the most common Symptom of COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME

Gamer’s vision, computer and tablet and phone user’s who spend over 2 hours staring at a screen at close range are exposed to Blue-Violet radiation and may suffer from degrees of Computer Vision Syndrome also known as CVS.

Minor misalignment in the ways your eye muscles work together as a team can also create these following symptoms along with staring long hours a computer, cell, or tablet screen.


·                     Eye strain

·                     Hard to focus

·                     Eye fatigue

·                     Headaches

·                     Itching eyes

·                     Neck and back pains

·                     Burning eyes

·                     Nausea

·                     Double vision

·                     Shadowed vision


Why Care?

75% of all computer users, gamers and cell phone users have some computer related vision problem that remains not only undiagnosed, it slows down your production and efficiency.  Also, high energy of blue-violet radiation will damage your retina, focusing lens and induce elements of dry eye disease if your eyes are not protected.

Regular filter changes of your furnace and oil changes in your car help to keep these machines running efficiently and save you money.  But when they break down, we simply replace them.  As you know, we cannot replace your vision!  Get checked for computer vision syndrome CVS yearly at Primary Eye Care Associates, Chicago and suburb surrounding area’s leader in vision therapy relief.






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