Why Choose Premium Sun wear? Learn the 6 Factors that Define Best Sun Protection at Primary Eye Care Associates Chicago By Dr. Steven Chander on October 29, 2015







What is the difference between the two sunglasses below, priced at $220 and $12 respectively? 
















$12.00 VS. $220

There are 6 factors that define the features of a premium lens versus generic sun wear.

1.        UV protection

2.       Visual clarity

3.       Lens quality

4.       Frame quality

5.       Warranty

6.       Branding 



1.  UV protection: The lens should not allow more than 1% of UVB to come through the lens UV protection: some sun wear is marked with “UV absorbing”  “UV Protective” and “blocks most UV light” So what the heck does all that mean anyway?  Sunglasses sold in the United States are regulated by the FDA (food and Drug administration) and are required to conform to the safety stands.  The recommended U.S. standard is ANSI z80.3-2010, which includes three protection categories. 

2.       UVA should not be able to come through the lens more than what visible light comes through

3.       Must pass the “drop-ball” test…a test that verifies it will not break easily in small pieces that can cut your eye ball.

2. So when choosing your sun wear, it is best to choose premium trusted brands that guarantee 100 percent UV protection.  They invest the money to ensure the above three elements are met in every pair of glasses they brand.

Visual clarity: Premium lenses have quality surfaces.  This means there are no irregularities, no distortions ensuring clear vision.  Low quality lenses may have local distortions or prims that contribute to blur or discomfort.  This can lead to headaches, fatigue, even nausea.  Consistency in any generic mass produced item is always a concern.

3. Premium sun lenses ensure surface and centering accuracy for the very best natural optics and clarity to optimize your vision in any condition.  If your wrap around sun wear is a little thicker on the edges toward your ears, and thinner toward your nose, it means that the lenses are in fact optically correct for this style for example.  Premium sun wear ensure that the potential damaging elements of sunlight and distortion damaging elements of sunlight and distortion are reduced or eliminated.  The filter reduces or eliminates squinting from glare for the best visual comfort.

Lens quality.  Perceptions of lens quality include “how dark” or are based on style and looks.  Lens and frame quality is based on more than that.  Lens durability for example, a part of its inherent value to the wearer, is augmented by a scratch resistant or mirrored front surface, and anti-reflective rear surface and the overall impact resistance of the complete lens.  The performance of each of these characteristics is tested extensively by taking the lenses to a boiling, artificial sweating, cycling heat and humidity and outdoor weathering.  Primary Eye care Associates and their optical team always ask their suppliers for a list of tests that our sun wear are subject to so we can best teach our patients why we trust a particular brand we allow to display in our optical gallery at Primary Eye Care Associates.

4. Frame quality at Primary Eye Care Associates requires that our vendors have frames that pass endurance testing (frame arms bending or front of the frame bending, opening, and closing) and tarnish or corrosion resistance (sweat, weather, temperature) . Choice of frame materials and plastics that hare hypoallergenic, durable, hold to personalized adjustment and maintain long-lasting color vibrancy is critically important.  If the frame is coated and/or painte, it will not peel or chip.  Higher quality frames can be distingued for their better quality hinges 9won’t wear fast making the frame arm loose).Frame Quality

Famous CE stamp.  The European Commission requires 10 safety tests to be completed on frames sold in the Eropean Union, most are also sold in the U.S.A. Frames that pass are stamped “C E” meaning Eropean Commission.

5. Warranty: All of the major manufactures make frames or source parts from all over the world.  Bey being knowledgeable on frame quality as well as marking requirements, the Optical Team at Primary Eye Care Associates can better counsel our patients on quality as well as value.

6.Brands: Patient satisfaction and warranty are always patient expectations.  If generic eyewear is purchased and it breaks, what do you do?  Will spare parts be available?  Can you return it>  Mabe, in some cases, but in most cases, generic eyewear cannot be returned.  By making a Premium eyewear purchase, patients are making an investment.  With most branded frames this includes a two-year bumper to bumper frame warranty and certificate of authenticity.  Primary Eye Care Associates offers the states only unlimited frame warranty on all Premium quality frame purchases.  Ask more about our unlimited bumper to bumper frame warranty today!

Brands have essentially grown to guarantee quality, fit and identity.  For Example Ray-Ban is the est known sunglass brand worldwide because of it’s brand reputation and years in this position.

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We are all looking forward to seeing you soon and helping you find that perfect look for the most perfect prescription. 



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