Primary Eye Care Associates announces a new program guaranteed to increase results while protecting and enhancing vision. By Dr. Steven Chander on October 15, 2015

This program, co-sponsored by EyePromise eye vitamins, is the “guaranteed to increase MPOD” campaign. The program is designed to create awareness around macular health-the macula is in the center of the retina and responsible for our central vision as well as protecting the visual cells in the back of the eye from harmful blue-violet light which comes from computer screens, cell phones and LED televisions.

Primary Eye Care Associates offers an exam using the Quntifeye Mpod Instrument, Which measures a patients’ Macular Pigment Optical Density score (MPOD).  The exam is very fast, simple and doesn’t hurt.  If a patients MPOD score is low, Dr. Chander typically recommends a blend of Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) and Lutein based eye vitamins to increase the patients’ MPOD.  EyePromise is the only eye vitamin brand that guarantees an increase in MPOD. There has been over 35 million doctor prescribed doses which have been safely consumed to date!

Poor night vision? Excess glare?

While there are many clinical reasons for poor night vision, including cataracts, aberrant ions, diabetes and others, there is a possibility of low MPOD scores have also been linked to poor night vision.

Athletes have improved their reaction time in their game by increasing their MPOD scores as well. 

According to Dr. Chander, many people are not aware of the importance of healthy MPOD scores.  “it’s not all about 20/20 vision, about 78% of the US population has sub-optimal macular pigment  levels, which is directly linked to increased risk for Macular Degeneration, poor night vision, damage from blue light from your cell phone, and decreased vision performance.  Science has an abundance of support and evidence that health MPOD can positively impact all of these areas.  We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment that evaluates vision risks and visual performance challenges, and we are proud to feature EyePromise eye vitamins because they are guaranteed to work!  Or the patients will receive a full refund from EyePromise.

The inside of the eye is lined with the Retina.  The retina is comprised of trillions of photo-receptor cells that capture the energy of light from what we see.  The retina contains the fovea and macula.  This area is jammed packed with two protective pigment carotenoids Zeaxanthin and Lutein.  These protective carotenoids are naturally found at a 2:1 ration of Zeaxanthin to Lutein, and while age affects the eyes, nutrition is largely responsible for healthy macular pigment.  Unfortunately the average US daily diet makes it very difficult to obtain Zeaxanthin- one would have to consume about 20 ears of corn to get the recommended daily dose of dietary zeaxanthin associated with health macular pigment.  For most patients, eye vitamins with natural ingredients like EyePromise make it much easier and more cost-effective than consuming large amounts of vegetable and fruits.


For more information on having your MPOD measured AND EyePromise eye vitamins from Primary Eye Care Associates, contact the nutrition team at Primary Eye Care Associates at 773-735-6090 or use the tab above to click and make an appointment.




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