Where Should I Buy My Contact Lenses? By Dr. Steven Chander on August 11, 2015

This may be the very shortest blog we’ve written!  Clearly, the best place to buy contact lenses is from your eye doctor. 

If you wear standard contact lenses, they are available to purchase, almost anywhere with a valid prescription.  A valid prescription expires exactly one year from your last eye exam.

Common Standard Contact lenses are typically boxed, disposable lenses such as:


  • Focus Dailies
  • Acuvue Oasys
  • Purevision
  • Biofinity
  • Clarity
  • Air Optix
  • Proclear

Which brand is the best? My friend wears this brand and says they're great! I want the same.

Dr. Chander performs:

  • A tear film analysis
  • Cornea curve measurement
  • Eye power management
  • How the light actually passes through your eye....a measurement for scattered light
  • Eye lid health assessment (for dry eye)

During the contact lens evaluation part of your comprehensive eye health exam:

The tear film analysis is critical to determine what type of lens material will be best suited for your eye to optimize comfort and vision.  Cornea curvature is critical to determine how stable the contact lens will stay on your eye to provide great optics and vision.  The measurement of how light travels through you eye is an important measure to determine if an astigmatism correction can optimize, for example, your night vision.  The brand is chosen based on all these parameters.  Each brand has a certain water content, curvature, and diameter that may work best on some patients, and not so well on others.   Ultimately, your comfort and vision decide which brand is best suited for you. Dr. Chander helps to facilitate based on your eye health which is best suited for you.  A lens that may feel great and provide outstanding vision on one patient, may not necessarily feel the same on another patient.

Stop into the clinic for a complimentary "try before you buy" test drive of practically any brand of contact lenses available!

I can get my contact lenses cheaper elsewhere...

While this statement may be what you would expect, it is in fact, in most cases false.  Unilateral Price Policy (UPP) has been established by manufactures of most of the major brands.  Under this Federal Guideline, currently, retailers, private eye clinics, doctors, and even on line big box stores cannot sell their contact lenses for higher or lower than what the manufacturer sets the retail fee for.

Primary Eye Care offers:

·         Complimentary replacements for lost or torn lenses in most cases

·         Complimentary contact lenses to hold you over between examinations

·         Complimentary ‘test drives’ of contact lenses. 

·         Love your contacts or we’ll buy ‘em back policy

·         24-hour access to Dr. Chander for any contact lens or otherwise emergency

·         State-of-the-art technology to measure, design and fit your lenses.

·         Unilateral price policy (same lens fees for all boxed lenses, with higher level of service and patient protection)

·         Reminders to place your orders

·         Direct Ship contact lens solutions so you never run out of solutions or clean contact lens cases

Ordering my lenses online is more convenient...

This may be true for you! Ordering on line with Primary Eye Care Associates assure...

·         The correct prescription and lens parameters for your best optimized comfort

·         Guaranteed contact lens success

·         Free replacement of your contacts that are torn or lost

Clearly the best in Sight, Primary Eye Care Associates is the best and only place where you should be buying your contact lenses from!

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