LASIK Recovery Tips and Timeline By Dr. Steven Chander on July 18, 2015

A blonde woman applying eye dropsIf you wish that you could have permanently clear vision without the need for contact lenses or glasses, you may be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. This procedure corrects the corneal imperfections, including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, that cause blurry vision. At Primary Eye Care Associates, Dr. Steven Chander co-manages patients that undergo the highly safe and effective LASIK procedure, which typically results in few side effects and a short recovery period. In this blog post, our team provides patients with LASIK recovery tips and a timeline for healing. To learn more, contact our Chicago practice today.

LASIK Recovery Timeline

The LASIK recovery timeline is much shorter than many patients expect. Typically, patients are completely healed within six months of the procedure. However, the initial healing period may be complete within a month of the procedure.

  • One day after LASIK: The first 24 hours after LASIK are the most critical, as the corneal flap heals back into place. This is also the time when patients experience the most discomfort. Patients should wear their LASIK goggles for 24 hours after surgery. Most patients experience a significant improvement in vision one day after surgery.
  • One week after LASIK: Patients may experience some side effects, such as minor discomfort, sensitivity to light, glare, and dry eyes, during this time. For most patients, side effects subside about a week after LASIK. Patients will also be required to use prescription eye drops for one week after LASIK surgery.
  • One month after LASIK: Some patients may still experience some mild side effects from surgery during this time. It is important to continue avoid swimming in pools or natural bodies of water for one month after surgery to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Six months after LASIK: By this time, the corneal flap should be completely healed, and patients experience the full results of LASIK. Those who play sports may begin to do so without the use of protective eye gear.

LASIK Recovery Tips

There are a number of things patients can do to make the LASIK recovery period more comfortable.

To reduce discomfort, patients should take a nap upon returning home from surgery, apply prescription eye drops as directed, take over-the-counter pain medication, and use lubricating eye drops.

To reduce the risk of infection, patients should use the antibiotic and steroid eye drops provided by our office. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before application, and do not allow the eye drop dispenser to come into contact with the eyes. Patients should also avoid touching their eyes for a few weeks after LASIK surgery. Eye make-up should not be worn for about five days after LASIK.

Wearing your LASIK goggles for the first day after surgery can also reduce the risk of infection and flap complications (which may occur if the flap becomes dislodged).

To avoid tiring the eyes in the day or two after LASIK, do not stare at a computer or TV screen for extended periods of time. You may also want to avoid sun exposure and dim the lights in your home to avoid problems with sensitivity to light.

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