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If you are someone spending many hours on a computer screen or tablet or phone during the day, you may experience what the FDA identifies as Computer vision syndrome (CVS).


What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

·         Feeling of fatigue (want to fall asleep only after a
          few moments of reading)

·         Hard to focus

·         Light sensitivity

·         Eye Irritation

·         Double or Shadowed Vision

·         Itching Eyes

·         Headaches

·         Burning Eyes

·         Neck and Back Pains


The human eye is not made for viewing DIGITAL images for long hours

The text and pictures on your screen are made of tiny dots of light called “pixels”.  Pixels do not have sharp edges, rather, the edges of each pixel is blurred.  These blurred areas confuse the tiny focus muscles in the eye as they try to focus the blurred parts.  The muscles in the eye become very overworked and tired in trying and re-trying to focus on the pixel edges.  This is what causes the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.


Old Lens technology vs. New lens technology

Old lens technology

·         Clear vision at close distance, about 12inches to 8inches

·         Reading glasses (grandpa or grandma glasses) sliding down on your nose to see small print in one-vision focus lenses (single vision lenses)

·         Not designed to keep up with today’s modern computer, multi-screen, tablet, phone, lap-top usage.

New lens technology


·         Digitally made lenses for sharp clear vision at intermediate distance and close distance (about 24 inches to 6 inches)

·         Reduced symptoms caused by computer vision syndrome

·         Optimized comfortable vision

·         Designed and prescribed specifically for patients on the computer for many hours during the day, or who perform visually intensive work or hobbies. 

·         Most advanced occupational lenses available in Chicago.

Why Care?

75% of all computer users have a computer-related vision issue.  Some patients don’t realize it and simply put up with it thinking it’s the natural way their eyes are.  Some patients do not know how to describe their symptoms to the doctor, and some doctors do not test for computer vision syndrome.

Be one of the 25% that don’t have computer-vision-problems.  Ask Dr. Chander today about the anti-fatigue lenses called TACT Lens.

HoyaLux TACT lenses are prescribed specifically to optimize long tasks of reading, or working at the close range.  A prescription TACT lens will reduce vision fatigue and eyestress.  Arm’s length vision can be at maximum comfortable focus without head bobbing or finding the sweet spot.  This ultimately gives our patients a clearer more natural and comfortable  viewing zone that is 5 times larger than regular prescription lenses.  And they are made with no-glare lenses to further reduce stress from harsh office lighting and computer screens.

BlueTech and Recharge lenses block out harmful Blue light hazard.  Blue light is released from tablets, phones TV’s and fluorescent lighting.  Blue light Hazard lighting is high energy light that damages the tiny photo receptors in the back part of the eye, specifically the Macula.

Combined, the TACT lens and Recharge treatment effectively make a difference; helping our patients:

·         By providing LESS distortion

·         Enhanced Optics for best vision performance

·         Less eye fatigue and stress

·         Relieves the symptoms of computer vision syndrome

·         Minimize the focus effort of the eyes

·         Extended range of the focusing intermediate and near vision without head bobbing or extra head movements

Ask your optical eye care team about Vision Fatigue Relieving Lenses today.....they make a great, useful second pair of glasses

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