“Life Activated Vision”….It’s Almost Here!

I have exciting news, our practice is one of the first to carry emPower! eyewear, the world’s first Electronic Focusing Eyewear. As a current progressive lens wearer, emPower! offers some very unique and exciting benefits to you. 

Unlike a traditional progressive lens, emPower! allows you to control when you want your reading zone of your lens on or off.  Being able to electrically turn off the reading zone allows you to do simple things like walking down the stairs or play golf without the typical blurriness you have experienced in other lenses – you can see the ground!

Come see us to learn more about emPower! and to determine if this is the right solution for your visual needs.  You could be one of the first to get this new exciting innovation and experience firsthand all the benefits of this new eyewear.

As always, we are dedicated to providing you with the best vision care and offer you the best visual solutions for your needs.

Stay tuned for more information on the launch of this amazing new technology. Primary Eye Care will be hosting an open house to introduce our patients to emPower! If you would like to attend please email mario@wehelpchicagosee.com and include emPower! in the subject line.

For now, watch the video below to see a demonstration of how this lens works.