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Myopia Management for Children

Childhood myopia (nearsightedness) can make it difficult to see distant objects, and lead to vision problems later in life.

Treatment and management of childhood myopia at our vision center can help reduce the risk of future eye diseases.

Join the many parents who come to Primary Eye Care Associates in Chicago, IL, for pediatric myopia control.

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Dr. Steven Chander can answer any questions you may have about long-term management of myopia. We are based in Garfield Ridge near Chicago Midway International Airport. Call us today at (773) 735-6090.

What Is Myopia?

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is a type of refractive error. Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye prevents light from correctly passing through and focusing on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye.

Myopia occurs when light focuses in front of the retina, instead of on it. People who are myopic can see nearby objects just fine, but they struggle to see distant objects clearly.

What Causes Myopia?

Myopia is often the result of the eyeball being too long, or the cornea (the transparent frontal layer of the eye) being too curved.

Some researchers believe that children in Chicago today are at higher risk of myopia because of the prevalence of close-up activities that cause eyestrain, such as reading and the use of smart phones, computers, tablets, and other handheld devices. However, the research is ongoing, and while there are correlations between certain behaviors and myopia, causation has yet to be proved.

Myopia Is More Common Than You May Realize

We Can Manage Your Child's Myopia

Myopia is a progressive disease that inensifies over time. Dr. Steven Chander's children were diagnosed with myopia at eight years old. Now that they are 21, he is proud to say they have had very little change to their vision through Primary Eye Care Associates' myopia management.

Childhood Myopia Can Be Managed Treehouse Eyes Can Help Us Control Myopia

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You don't have to accept progressive nearsightedness. Myopia can be managed, and its progression can be slowed down or halted thanks to modern treatment options.

Primary Eye Care Associates is proud to partner with Treehouse Eyes®, one of the country's leading pediatric myopia control services. The revolutionary Treehouse Eyes system is designed to treat myopic eyes in childhood, and reduce the risk of eye disease later in life.

Thanks to Treehouse Eyes, Dr. Chander can not only treat your child's nearsightedness today, but ensure better vision in adulthood.

Learn More About Childhood Myopia Control Contact Our Practice in Chicago for Myopia Eye Care

If your child is nearsighted, there are more options to consider than prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. The team at Primary Eye Care Associates uses the latest techniques from Treehouse Eyes to help control childhood nearsightedness.

Dr. Chander has years of experience helping patients of all ages achieve better eyesight. Our office in Garfield Ridge near Chicago Midway International Airport can help your entire family ensure a lifetime of eye health.

To learn more about myopia management techniques, contact our vision practice online. You can also reach Primary Eye Care Associates by phone at:

(773) 735-6090

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Thanks to techniques from Treehouse Eyes, our optometrists can treat refractive errors in children safely and effectively.

Patients Share Their Stories Positive Results Throughout Chicagoland


Miguel Flores


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Excellent, professional, detailed and efficient are just a few of the words I can use to describe the service that I received. I love to support BIPOC businesses and this one is just so close to me. Katherine is an assistant there that gave me a tour of the office she is just phenomenal. I have in with a stye and she was great at calming me down and reassuring that everything was going to be ok. Not only is she hospitable but she is also funny, she is amazing at what she does. Dr Chandler is so detailed and explains everything. I felt I can speak to my doctor and wasn't going to made feel dumb for the question I just asked. I would totally recommend this Office for any of your eye care needs.

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Jennifer Werner


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I have been coming to primary eye care for about 15 years if not longer. Dr Chander is fantastic, you will not find a better physician, office, or team. They are always up to date with technology and have a wonderful selection of frames and services to meet all of your needs. My two boys and husband are now also patients of Dr. Chander and enjoying all of the wonderful services and care that this office has to offer. This is one office and physician you can trust and always be assured you will receive the best of service!

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Did You Know...


Myopic individuals are four times more likely to experience retinal detachment than non-myopic individuals. Controlling nearsightedness may be key for preserving your child's healthy eyesight well into adulthood.

How Childhood Myopia Management Works

Using our own state-of-the-art equipment along with techniques developed by Treehouse Eyes, our doctors will perform a thorough eye exam and assess the medical history of your child.

Dr. Chander will speak with parents as well as children. Getting the family involved in the treatment process is crucial. This helps parents understand what options are in their child's best interests, and helps kids feel comfortable with optometry and seeing vision specialists.

Treatment Options for Myopia Effective Approaches to Treating Childhood Refractive Error

Soft Contact Lenses

One option for treating myopia is the use of prescription contact lenses. Soft contact lenses provide excellent vision quality without the risk of your child breaking their glasses when playing. Children are able to tolerate soft contacts since they are breathable and more comfortable than hard contacts.

Prescription Eye Drops

Prescription eye drops specially formulated for myopic patients are another treatment option. Applied at night before a child goes to bed, these eye drops can slow the progression of myopia. For optimal results, eye drops are often used in combination with other treatments.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-k)

Orthokeratology is a non-surgical treatment for myopia that is especially popular for kids. This treatment option uses gas-permeable contact lenses. Unlike traditional contact lenses worn during the day, ortho-k lenses are worn at night while a nearsighted patient is asleep.

How Ortho-k Contact Lenses Work

During sleep, the ortho-k contact lenses reshape the surface of the cornea. The cornea will temporarily hold this shape, allowing light to refract correctly instead of in front of the retina. In the morning, patients remove their contacts and experience clearer vision without wearing corrective lenses.

Thanks to ortho-k, patients do not have to rely on prescription glasses or contacts during the day. They just need to wear their contacts overnight as directed, and they should experience the benefits while they're awake.

Is It Effective?


Yes. Treehouse Eyes has compiled data on children who've undergone the Treehouse Vision System® treatment plan. They found that the patent-pending system resulted in a 78 percent decrease in myopia progression compared to no treatment at all.

Our Doctors Love Making a Difference Patient Experiences in the Greater Chicago Area


Sarai Trevino


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Very friendly staff the doctors are very thorough with the exam. Great selection of eye glasses and sunglasses. Definitely recommend this practice for the entire family.

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Maricela Salazar


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Love this place! Was recommended by other family members. Primary Eye Care is very friendly and helpful. I have been coming here for over 7 years. I changed eye doctors because Primary Eye Care focuses on the health of eyes.

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