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Refractive errors that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism make many adults dependent on glasses and contact lenses.

At Primary Eye Care Associates, located right by Midway Airport, Dr. Steven Chander can correct your vision with LASIK surgery.

Find out if our practice serving Garfield Ridge and all of Chicago, IL, can transform your life with LASIK...

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Cindy Morano


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First time customer.  Referred to Dr. Chander by my eye doctor that retired. I was very pleased with the office staff and the State of the Art facility. Dr. Chander was very informative and discussed all options to correct my vision. I received a very thorough exam and I am very pleased with my experience.

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Emily Dlta


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possibly one of the best eye care places i’ve been to. Dr Chander is very thorough and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Clearly an establishment based on the well being and care of their patients needs.

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A Closer Look at LASIK

Many vision problems are the result of refractive errors in the cornea. The cornea's function is to refract light into the retina, which creates the sensation of sight. When the cornea is misshapen, it refracts light improperly, resulting in poorer vision.

Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery uses a highly precise laser to reshape the cornea, correcting vision errors. Most patients will experience better vision almost immediately after the surgery and have a reduced need for glasses and contact lenses going forward.

diagram of how LASIK works

Better Vision in 24 Hours Through LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can eliminate your need for corrective lenses in one appointment. Dr. Steven Chander will create a corneal flap and use a laser to reshape your cornea during your treatment. You can have 20/20 vision within 24 hours following the procedure.

Candidates for LASIK

Many adults are candidates for LASIK eye surgery. The team at our Chicago, IL, office uses advanced diagnostic techniques to determine whether LASIK will be safe and effective for you. Candidacy factors for laser eye surgery include:


A person must be at least 18 years old to undergo the LASIK procedure. Ideally, candidates for LASIK will be at least 21 years of age, as a child or young adult's vision tends to change rapidly from year to year. While there is no upper age limit for the surgery, it is important to note that LASIK eye surgery will not correct presbyopia (age-related vision changes).

Vision Stability

Laser eye surgery is most appropriate for those with a moderate degree of refractive error that has remained consistent for at least 12 months. A patient's vision should also have stabilized prior to LASIK surgery, meaning vision should not be actively worsening as a result of a progressive refractive error.

Good Health

LASIK surgery should not be performed on patients who have suffered from an eye injury or major illness in the past year. Patients with cataracts may not qualify for LASIK surgery (but they may be better suited for cataract surgery). Additionally, disorders that affect the immune system will impair your ability to heal and make an infection more likely.  Those who are in good overall health are the best candidates for LASIK surgery.

Blade-Free LASIK Eye Surgery

A Safer, More Accurate Procedure

Thanks to modern IntraLase® laser technology, our Southside Chicago practice can now offer blade-free LASIK. In traditional LASIK, the corneal flap is created with a hand-held microkeratome blade. IntraLase LASIK (also known as IntraLASIK) uses a laser to create the flap. The computer-guided technology delivers precise results and reduces the risk of complications.  

IntraLASIK is effective for patients with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. During your consultation, we can determine if this innovation should be incorporated into your treatment.

IntraLase LASIK Candidacy

IntraLase LASIK is the most precise way to create a corneal flap and the first step of LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Chander uses computer-assisted technology during this procedure. While most patients make good IntraLase LASIK candidates, Dr. Chander will examine your corneal thickness to determine your candidacy during your consultation.

Experience Customized Treatment Request a Consultation Today

For over 35 years, Primary Eye Care Associates has been dedicated to providing the highest standard of medical and surgical eye treatments. Dr. Steven Chander and our experienced team of eye care professionals stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures.

If you are interested in LASIK eye surgery, request an in-person or virtual consultation with our eye doctor today. With our convenient location right next to Midway Airport, we are able to serve patients from Garfield Ridge and all of Chicago, IL.

You can request a consultation by filling out our online form or calling

(773) 735-6090

Dr. Steven Chander
Dr. Steven Chander

More 5-Star Reviews "Dr. Steven Chander and His Staff Are Amazing!"


Juan Garza


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Dr. Steven Chander and his staff are amazing! I've been coming to Primary Eye Care for about 10 years. Great, consistent level of service! My eyes certainly appreciate it!

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Evie S


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I have been going there for years and I can't imagine choosing different eye care professionals. Great doctor, wonderful staff, and amazing frames to chose from. Weather you have a serious eye problem or just need a check up, I totally recommend making an appointment at Primary Eye Care.

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Cost of LASIK

At Primary Eye Care Associates in Chicago, IL, LASIK costs $1,997 per eye. Because we want all of our patients to experience the best vision possible, our team works hard to make LASIK treatment affordable.

  • We offer in-clinic promotions that can save you up to $500.
  • We offer financing options, including CareCredit® payment plans, to help alleviate the immediate out-of-pocket expenses.
  • We take Medicare assignment and all major credit cards. 
  • While we accept most major insurance carriers, they often classify LASIK as an elective procedure and do not cover the cost.  

The cost of LASIK may seem pricey, but the procedure can prove to be a savvy investment because of the long-term savings on contact lenses and eyeglass prescriptions. If you have any questions about the cost of LASIK at our practice, or about active promotions, don't hesitate to send us a message.

What to Expect During the Procedure Improved Vision In Minutes 

By reshaping the cornea with advanced laser technology, we can dramatically improve your vision and reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. 

LASIK Surgery Timeline

When you visit our Chicago, IL, office for a consultation, we will conduct a thorough eye exam to determine your candidacy, and we will spend as much time as necessary to answer all of your questions. No two patients are alike, so Dr. Chander takes the time to develop a personalized LASIK surgery plan for each individual under his care. 

When it is time for your procedure, you can expect the treatment to proceed according to the following steps:

Even in cases of substantial vision correction, laser treatment takes less than two minutes per eye. 

Day of Procedure

Even in cases of substantial vision correction, laser treatment takes less than two minutes per eye. 


To prep you for the procedure, we will clean the area around your eyes and administer anesthetic eye drops to numb the area. If you are still nervous about treatment, we may provide a mild sedative to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Corneal Flap

When your eye is completely numb, our LASIK surgeon will place a device called a speculum between your eyelids to prevent you from blinking during the procedure. We will then create a hinged corneal flap on the outer surface of the eye. Instead of creating this flap with a hand-held blade, our state-of-the-art practice creates the flap with our advanced IntraLase® laser technology, allowing for maximum precision and safety.

Laser Correction 

After the flap is created, it is folded back so that the LASIK procedure can be performed on the corneal tissue underneath. Using a precision excimer laser, the cornea is reshaped to correctly focus light and provide clearer vision. Our WaveLight® ex500 technology measures the central corneal thickness to provide more accurate treatment. 


Even in cases of substantial vision correction, laser treatment takes less than two minutes per eye. The corneal flap is then repositioned and will heal on its own, without the need for sutures. While you should prepare to have someone drive you home from the procedure, your vision will begin to improve in a matter of hours.


Our LASIK surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions on recovery, as well as eye drops to help manage the dry eye that usually follows the surgery. Side effects are typically mild and should subside in a few days. Many patients can resume their normal schedule within 24 hours of treatment. 

Get Started With Your Consultation

LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people around the world enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses and live a better quality of life. Primary Eye Care Associates, serving patients throughout Midway, Garfield Ridge, and Chicago, wants to give you the same independence. Get started on your journey to better vision today by scheduling a consultation at our practice in Southside Chicago. You can book a consultation online or by calling:

(773) 735-6090

5-Star Reviews


Jim Knight Jr.


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Wouldn't trust my peepers to anyone else!!! Primary Eye Care has been my go to place for 18 years. They got all the state of the art machines for taking pictures of the INSIDE of your eyeball!! Friendly knowledgeable associates will make your visit quick and informative.

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Nicole Marie


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I can't say enough about my Experiences at Primary Eye Care. Dr Chander is very gentle and has a very calm demeanor. Truly, there's nobody else I would trust with my eyes.

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Dr. Steven Chander

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Primary Eye Care Associates is a family-friendly vision care practice in Chicago. Led by our eye doctor, Dr. Steven Chander, our practice provides a variety of services, features a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, and includes an optical boutique with designer frames. Dr. Chander is certified by:

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